Can WooCommerce Handle 100000 Products?

Can WooCommerce handle 100000 products

Can WooCommerce Handle 100000 Products?

WooCommerce is an ecommerce platform that can be used to create and launch online stores of any size. It supports seamless integrations and high traffic volumes.

We have seen stores with over 100,000 products processing thousands of transactions per minute running flawlessly on WooCommerce. This proves that WooCommerce is scalable but only when it is properly optimized for high traffic.


WooCommerce is a powerful and flexible eCommerce platform that can handle a wide range of stores. It’s scalable, which means that it can be scaled up to meet the needs of larger businesses as their online store grows and changes.

Scalability is a crucial aspect for online stores because it helps them stay up and running when their traffic increases. Without it, their websites can become slow, sluggish, and even crash.

This is particularly true for online stores that are based on WordPress and have a large database. However, there are many ways to increase the scalability of your site.

One way is to improve your server hardware. A high-performance server that can accommodate spikes in traffic and data will ensure that your WooCommerce website remains scalable.


When running an e-commerce store, you need to keep track of your inventory and stock levels. Using an automated tool like Inventory Source, you can easily manage your stock and keep it up to date.

WooCommerce is a great e-commerce platform that can handle thousands of page visits and transactions per minute. Moreover, it can support tons of traffic without compromising on website loading time or user experience.

It’s important to consider how much storage you need depending on the type of site you have. For example, a blog or personal website won’t require as much storage as a portfolio, agency or business website that has dynamic content and lots of images.

The biggest factor influencing the performance of your online stores is website traffic. Therefore, it is vital to optimize your website for high volume traffic. Similarly, it is also important to update your website code regularly. In addition, you should select the best hosting platform for your store to increase scalability and performance.


WooCommerce does not impose any restrictions on the number of products a store owner can upload. This feature makes it ideal for scaling from small to large e-commerce stores.

However, a WordPress site can only handle so much traffic before it starts to affect the page load time and overall website speed. The hosting provider you choose and CDN (content delivery network) that your site is backed by also have an impact on the scalability of your site.

A UK-based automobile parts website has more than 40,000 products on the site and yet, it managed to run efficiently even with a low page speed score of 31%. The website does not have a caching plugin and the images are not optimized.

Nevertheless, WooCommerce has the potential to handle any size of online shop if it is well maintained and backed by the right hosting server that can withstand average and high traffic levels. In fact, it is a suitable platform for online stores with hundreds of thousands of products and orders.


WooCommerce plugins are a great way to extend the functionality of your online store. They are easy to install and configure, and they don’t require any technical knowledge.

For example, there are many great plugins that can help you create more targeted upsells for your products. These are perfect for customers who have a tendency to purchase multiple items at once.

These plugins also make it easier for customers to find their favorite products. For instance, with the WooCommerce Image Zoom plugin, shoppers can view larger images of products without having to wait for them to load.

Similarly, YITH Frequently Bought Together lets you sell suites of complementary products. It can be used to boost customer engagement by incorporating product bundles into OptinMonster popups and email campaigns.

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