Magento Customization Expert

Creating a customized store in Magento is a highly challenging task, requiring people with greater amount of experience and expertise to achieve the same. The reason being Magento is very complex when it comes to the custom code as well as third party services integration. Fortunately, we have a team, which can deal with the various intricacies involved in Magento such as use of limited components, plugins, extensions; lack of flexibility in source code; less deviation of themes from the templates inbuilt in Magento.

Our services include:

Magento Store Customization

Our Magento Store Customizations Experts make use of the latest technologies and techniques to promote your eCommerce store, realize the needs of your target audience, display multiple products & services, shipping and delivery handling, wide range of payment options and gateways, as well as advance search features. We also offer tailor-made solutions relating to User Interface (UI) components, smooth checkout process, User Experience (UX) as per cultural needs based on diversity, locality, and branding.

Magento Theme Customization

Our Magento Theme Customizations Experts create different styles for theme templates to integrate into your eCommerce store. Whether it be font size or color; text size or color; background image, size, or color; they use customized scripts, media queries, JavaScript, CSS, images, graphics, blocks, content, etc. following a streamlined process for customization. Moreover, they also ensure that the theme is responsive enough across multiple devices and browsers to cater all sorts of user experiences.

Magento Module Customization

Since Magento is a module based open source platform, special expertise in required for building custom modules from scratch. Our Magento Module Customization Experts know how exactly to go about when coding for different modules. While doing this they ensure to incorporate two very important aspects: usability and experience. We have got a range of custom modules in our portfolio such as payment methods, payment gateways, shipping, order tracking, advance search functions, product display, product purchase, wish lists, similar products, and touch gesture to name a few.

Do you want to have more information on our Magento Store/ Theme/ Module customization expertise? Contact us & we will take all responsibilities of your project with our personalized robust solutions.