Landing page
Demo 1
  • Maxwidth 1280px
  • Header Style1
  • Footer Style1
  • One Column Homepage
Demo 2
  • Maxwidth 1024px
  • Header Style2
  • Footer Style2
  • Dropdown Menu
Demo 3
  • Maxwidth 1440px
  • 3 Column Layout
  • Mega Menu
  • Header Style3
Demo 4
  • 2 Column Layout
  • Different Product Grid Layout
  • Header Style4
Demo 5
  • One Column Layout
  • Different Product Grid Layout
  • Footer Style3

The Premium Ultimate Magento Theme with Best in Class Features

Support Documentation

Built With Fluid Baseline Grid

3-column folding grid, which is easy to work with and divided into equal portions

Fully Responsive

Use maximum available width on every screen. It can adapt any screen resolution. Set max width of the page.

Customizable Options

You can change visual appreance of almost every elements. Easy to create your own unique layout with the help of options.

Powerfull Admin Options

Tons of admin options. Every options are categorised properly so it's easy to update your theme.

Easy Installation

Modern HTML based documentations so it's easy to setup your theme. Once click import features to import CMS blocks.

Outstanding Support

Our support is key feature. Outstanding support system to track and solve your issues within 24 hours.

Clean Code

All customize code is well commented and follow 100% magento standard. So it's easy to customize if required.

Fluid Based Responsive

Fluid Column Layout

Combines principals of fluid-column layouts, baseline grids and mobile-first responsive design into a resolution independent and device agnostic framework. Width of the page is Fluid so theme use 100% available space to display content.

    Common Break Points
  • 320 px — Mobile portrait
  • 480 px — Mobile landscape
  • 600 px — Small tablet
  • 768 px — Tablet portrait
  • 1024 px — Tablet landscape/Netbook
  • 1280 px & greater — Desktop

Mobile First

The default is based on a 3-column folding layout. 1 column for mobile devices, 2 columns for tablets and 3 columns for desktops and beyond. Theme layout will adjust automatically in any mobile resolution and display every elements.

Detailed Documentation

  • HTML Based detailed documentation so very easy to setup magento theme.
  • Divide all installation steps in to sections
  • Detail Explanation with screen shot
  • Easy language to understand
  • Complete guidance from start to end